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I’ve become obsessed with eyebrows!  Eyebrows frame your face and completely change your appearance depending on what shape, shade and neatness they are in.  For example, the two faces below are identical just with different eyebrow shapes and this makes the faces look completely different.  Perfectly groomed brows are the finishing touch to your make-up.  Many girls make the BIG mistake of over plucking and then literally drawing their eyebrows on which just looks super un-natural and doesn’t enhance the natural beauty that is already there.


So, here’s my step by step guide to perfect brows….

STEP 1. To achieve perfect brows you must make sure your brows have the perfect arch.  The diagram below demonstrates where the beginning of your brow should start, arch and end. Use a pencil or any other long thin object to help guide you with this.


STEP 2. Once you’ve figured out where your brow should…

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