5-Minute Glam Routine Uses One Product in a Genius Way

No time for a 4 – 5 hour glam session? Adonis King has you covered with a five-minute face featuring a genius trick.

In a how to video posted on his YouTube, the TMZ Live star go-to makeup look take almost 4-5 hours in his glam sessions. The way to shave off hours is to get more out of the products you’re already using. Case in point: bronzer.

“Sometimes we only have a few minutes…and theres a lot of shortcuts you can do to get ready and still look polished,” You’re going to take the same product you contour your skin with and you use it as an eyeshadow. Powder products are always great to use when you’re looking for a fast blend.

Use a blush brush, a smaller contouring brush and finally an eyeshadow blender to work  Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder ($42, bobbibrown.com) onto cheeks, temples, jawline and eyelids. This will give you that natural contour look with less products.


When you don’t have much time, and you have to skip a lot of steps, this is the perfect. It’s also very easy, light and space-saving. This is a great product if you don’t want to lug around shadows, or lots of [other] products, and you want to do a monochromatic look.


Then swipe a little highlighter to Adonis cheek and brow bones, adds a peachy blush for an extra glow, and tops off the look with black eyeliner.


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