Adonis King – The Rock Star Designer

Adonis King in bathtub photo

Adonis King, a fashion designer destined to become an international film and TV personality, was preparing for New York Fashion Week, announcing a new line of sunglasses and proclaiming some epic surprises when we spoke recently.

Adonis King is known for his dazzling eyewear, which he has designed for artists such as Beyonce, Kelly Osbourne and Shaun Ross, to name a few. He has also collaborated with House of Borel. A true fashion Messiah, he continues to create colorful, unique clothing and accessories.

Recently, Xscape! featured Adonis King (“The King in the Bathtub”), and once again he has agreed to speak about his upcoming fashion creations, as well as his ultra amazing media accomplishments.

Adonis King in Bathtub

I know that you’re a fashion designer, but I feel as though you are just as much of a personality as designer.
I agree, pretty much. I put the title of designer on my resume, because I don’t want to say “I’m this, I’m that.” I just say I’m a designer, and then go off of that. But I am breaking some boundaries here, in regards to a couple of things. Usually designers are in the house, boring, which I am.

I think you are anything but boring..
I’m boring in the aspect …like, you said I am a personality. If you throw a camera in my face and ask me questions, I can give you something entertaining, but otherwise I am very old in my mind. I sit at home and watch daytime talk shows and drink tea all day long.

Yeah. I don’t go to parties and clubs, unless it’s a booking, but I’m a Southern boy; maybe that’s why. But I like to be in the house.

After seeing that picture of you on Instagram!’s recently, in the bathtub, naked, I would have never guessed that about you.
I just know how to get attention. That’s what I learned in the industry, but in the daytime you have to stay at home and be as humble as possible, otherwise you’ll get too caught up in it, and you’ll get lost somewhere. I don’t want that to be me. I’ve seen a lot of my friends in the past six years in this industry just falling off the planet, just disappearing. I just found a way for me to stay relevant and sane at the same time.

So what’s new for this year?
I have so much! Right now they are about to announce the fact that I’am collaborating with Michael Costello. They are about to announce that I have a contour makeup kit coming out soon. I have a brand-new luxury sunglasses collection coming out this summer.

I love your sunglasses.
These are the real deal. They are going to be in a couple of stores in New York and Los Angeles. We are working on that right now. We are not going to get them in stores until June or September. I am opening up a flagship store in Los Angeles. You can get the information on my website.



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