The 10 Commandments Of Makeup Brushes

Just like a painter can’t create without paint brushes, a makeup artist can’t create a flawless makeup look without makeup brushes. Although they can make applying makeup easier, if used wrong they can also make your makeup application a whole lot more difficult.
This list of rules was created to ensure your brushes live up to their full potential and help you get the most out of them.
#1 Practice Makes Perfect
Practice makes perfect, that is the golden rule for anything new you are trying to learn. It is no different when it comes to learning how to use your makeup brushes. You’re not going to become a pro overnight so play around with your brushes, watch videos, don’t be afraid to experiment and practice, practice, practice.


Photo Source: Total Beauty/Makeup Flies

#2 Clean Your Brushes For Hygienic Purposes
Just like with most things, the clean up part is never fun. The same goes for cleaning your makeup brushes, but it is essential that you do, for the longevity of your brushes.


Photo Source: Total Beauty/Lady Lux

#3 Clean Your Brushes For The Good Of Your Skin
Cleaning your brushes is essential for the health of your skin, because your brushes can harvest lots of bacteria. Dirty brushes can cause breakouts and cause your skin to be irritated.


Photo Source: Total Beauty/Styloss

#4 Cleaning Your Brushes The Right Way
Now that we have stressed the importance of cleaning your brushes, knowing how to clean them the right way is just as important. Most makeup artists recommend using a mild cleanser, or even better use baby shampoo. Wash the brushes with a dab of cleanser and swirl the brush around in the palm of your hand and rinse under warm water.


Photo Source: Total Beauty/The Every Girl

#5 Lay Your Brushes Air Dry Flat
We recommend washing your brushes in the evening, because it will take them approximately all night to dry. Lay them out flat on a paper towel, which will cut down on your drying time since it doesn’t retain as much water as a regular towel.


Photo Source: Total Beauty/Tumblr

#6 Never Ever Use Your Blow-Dryer To Speed Things Up
Waiting for your brushes to dry can feel like an eternity. We understand. But as tempted as your are, don’t use a blow-dryer to speed up the drying process. The heat from the dryer can cause the glue holding your brushes to come undone. Resulting in a damaged brush that will shed all over your face or become completely unusable.


Photo Source: Total Beauty/Loxa Beauty

#7 Clean Your Brushes Between Uses
Sometimes it is necessary to do a quick brush cleaning in between the deep cleanings we advised. For example, if you’re using different shades of eye shadow. A deep cleaning isn’t practical so instead a simple spray cleanser would be a better option. Just mist your brush with it and clean it on a towel to get rid of the buildup which can cause your eye shadow to look muddy.


Photo Source: Total Beauty/Beautylish

#8 Store Your Brushes Properly
Most of us store our brushes out in the open in a makeup holder which unintentionally can be contaminating them. Studies have shown that flushing a toilet with the lid open causes all kinds of germs to take up residence on different items in your bathroom. So, if possible either store your brushes in something with a lid or a brush portfolio or just try and keep them as far away from the toilet area as possible.


Photo Source: Total Beauty/Hair and makeup Ideas

#9 Organization Now Pays Off Later
We all have been there your running short on time and can’t find the makeup brush you need, it can be so frustrating. To avoid this try keeping the brushes you use daily separate from your other brushes that you might use for going out.


Photo Source: Total Beauty/Destination Femme

#10 Travel With Care
You can’t go on vacation without your set of trusty makeup brushes and it is important to protect them. You can do this by using a roll-up makeup bag, it protects the bristles of your brushes from losing shape and germs. And don’t forget to also pack a travel-sized cleaning spray for your brushes.


Photo Source: Total Beauty/Shop and Box

Article Source: glamichi

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