7 Beauty Hacks That’ll Help You Save Time, Energy And Money

Every girl should known these quick-fix beauty hacks.

#1 Shave Legs With Old Conditioner


And by old, I don’t mean expired (haha). If you have hair conditioner lying around that you no longer use, it can be used to replace an expensive shaving cream. The results: smooth skin and its totally safe to be used on legs and hands.

Photo: othergossip.com

#2 Sticky Bobby Pins


If you have, like, super silky hair and you can’t get those bobby pins to stick around all day, then this trick is for you. Spray your bobby pins with hair spray before you stick it in your hair. It’ll stay on your hair all day.

Photo: makeup.com

#3 Vaseline As Brow Gel


If you don’t feel like investing in expensive brow gel, no worries because any lip balm or Vaseline will do the trick for you. Just make sure not to use a lot or your brows will end up looking too greasy. Just a little bit should be okay.

Photo: makeuploversunite.com

#4 Mascara As Lower Lash Liner


So, if you wish to save some time, line your lower lashline while applying mascara on your lower lashes. Simply wiggle very close your the lower lashline and you’ll see the product lining your lashline.

Photo: lisa-her.blogspot.com

#5 Broke Your Favorite Lipstick?

If your accidentally break your favorite lipstick, don’t throw it out. You can do so much with it.

Mend It: Roll the lipstick all the way up and run a blow dryer against it for 10 seconds. Use your fingers to stick it back to its place and toss the lipstick in the refrigerator for a day. Voila! You just fixed your lipstick.


Blusher: If you can’t mend it use it as a blusher and eyeshadow.


Photo: wiseshe.com

#6 Dry Your Hair With a T-shirt


Prevent your hair from breaking and getting weak by trading your towel with a t-shirt. The thin fabric absorbs more water and eventually makes your hair frizz-free too.

Photo: michellephan.com

#7 Use An Old Toothbrush To:

Tame Flyaways


Clean Your Blow Dryer’s Vent



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