6 Different Techniques To Apply Mascara To Get Beautiful Lashes

Here are 6 different techniques to apply mascara that you probably didn’t know about.
#1 Mix Your Mascara


To get thicker and curled lashes, try mixing two or more different types of mascara. Try starting with a hyper-curl mascara then top off with a coat of thickening or extra long lashes formula. This will make your lashes look darker and more intensified.

Photo: beautyblitz.com

#2 Apply Mascara To Both Sides Of Your Lashes


To get the maximum effect, make sure to apply mascara to both sides of your lashes. Start by applying below the lashes then go over the lashes to get that thick look.

Photo: realstylenetwork.com

#3 Apply Mascara With A Lash Comb


To get separated lashes and clean look, use an eyelash comb to apply mascara. Brush some of the product on the top of the comb and comb your lashes with it. This technique transfers the product evenly and also curls lashes better.

Photo: youtube

#4 Apply Mascara Diagonally


Rather than applying mascara straight up, try brushing your lashes at an angle for a flattering look.

Photo: blogger.makeup-box

#5 Create Runway Style Spider Lashes


To give your lashes this fashionable style, apply two coat of mascara and while your lashes are still moist, squeeze a few lashes together with tweezers.

Photo: fashion-styles

#6 Curl and Apply


To save yourself some, apply mascara while curling your lashes. This holds the curl longer and obviously time-saving.

Photo: cosmopolitan


One thought on “6 Different Techniques To Apply Mascara To Get Beautiful Lashes

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