Easy Techniques To Make Your Lips Appear Fuller And Lush

People are doing all sorts of crazy things to get bigger lips these days. But don’t worry, there are simple tricks and techniques that can be done with clever makeup use and can help you get fuller looking lips without having to go through anything drastic. So, here are 6 makeup tips to get fuller looking lips.

#1 Lip Liner Art


How to get fuller “kylie jenner” lips…step one: get lip injections…. or be a normal human and use makeup tricks

Line your lips with a lip liner that’s one shade darker than your lip shade. Slightly over-line your lips but make sure not to go too over board. Draw line in the sections of your lips as shown above and then fill your lips with the lip shade.

Photo: http://www.gurl.com

#2 Shimmer Effect


Makeup Monday: Fuller Lips Tutorial

Line your lips as normal and fill your lips with the desired lip shade but keep the inner center section bare. Using a brush, apply a bit of shimmery lip gloss in the center section.

Photo: http://www.keikolynn.com

#3 Pout Work


Try these tips on how to have fuller lips

Line your lips as normal and use concealer to clean off the area all around your lips. Then line again and fill your lips with the desired shade.

Photo: bycelina.com

#4 Dark Lip Liner


Kylie jenner lip secrets

Using a dark lip liner, line your lips. Then draw a vertical line at the center of your lower lip and dark dots on the upper lip center using the same lip liner. Fill the lips with a lighter shade, preferably matte formula and you are done.

Photo: ccclarkebeauty.wordpress.com

#5 Ombre Effect


Whenever I do people’s make up I show them how to do this. It’s a great way to make your lips look fuller.

Use a lighter shade in the center inner section of your lips to create an ombre effect.


#6 White Liner Magic


For plumper-looking lips, start off with light concealer.

Use white lips liner to create an illusion of bigger and pouty lips.


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