6 Steps To Perfectly Shaped Brows

Up your brow game with this step-by-step guide on how to get perfectly shaped brows.

Step 1: Start by brushing your brows using a spooli.


Step 2: Now using an eyebrow pencil, brow powder or eyeshadow, outline your brow.


Step 3: Make sure not to outline the inner end of your brows or your brows will end up looking very superficial.


Step 4: Makeup sure to use brow powder or eyeshadow that is atleast two shades lighter than your original brow color. Now fill inside the outline you just created with a very light motion.


Step 5: Once you are done filling your brows, apply concealer and blend all around the brows. Also apply highlighter on your brow bone to make your brows look lifted.


Step 6: Now brush everything in place using a spooli and you are done.


Final Look



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