It’s spring and what can define this season better than a mix of soft and vibrant colors. Here are 8 ways you can add neon colors to your makeup routine and still look normal.

Neon Eyeliner

To add a pop of color to the eyes, line your lids with a bright purple or orange and keep the rest of your face makeup-free for a balanced look.


Neon Pink Eyeshadow

When dealing with bright pink eyeshadow, little is more. Just sweep a small amount on the lids using an eyeshadow brush and blend.


Aqua Blue Eyeliner

A very thin line on the upper lashline with aqua blue liner is idea for office or everyday look. Just ensure to keep the rest of your makeup very simple.


Dramatic Blue

For a slightly dramatic look, line your top lashline with aqua or electric blue stick and line half of your lower lashline too.


Neon Blush

Bright pink and orange is a great way to add fresh glowing color on the cheeks. A cream formula will work best for neon colors. Make sure to apply it very lightly on the cheeks using your fingers.


Neon Wing

Apply winged eyeliner using neon yellow eye pencil. This adds edge and makes the whole face glow.


Pink Pout

Opting for a hot pink lipstick is the easiest way to add a pop of neon hue into your makeup routine. It won’t make you look all crazy either. Make sure to line your lips with a matching lip liner and wear classic black cat-eyeliner to go with.


Neon Nails

Paint your nails in a single neon shade such as neon yellow, blue or orange. These colors got great with any outfit and color especially with black and white.



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