We all want to look our best at office but the truth is that everyday isn’t perfect and we all face unfortunate beauty mishaps at work every now and then. That said, it is not remotely possible for us to carry our huge makeup bag to work everyday. But what do you do when you really need something from that big ol’ bag of yours? Your blush for instance? Don’t worry. We’ve listed a list of 6 common problems that we all face when at work and how to solve those problems.

#1 Broken Nail

If you nail chips or cracks, there’s no need to run around asking people for a nail filer or nail clipper. Simply dab a tiny drop of glue on your nail to keep it intact until you go back home and deal with it then. Just make sure not to super glue your skin with the nail.


#2 Smoky Hair

If you smoke and tend to get the annoying smell of cigarette into your hair, go back your desk and get your hair brush and perfume. Spritz some perfume on the bristles and lightly brush your hair. Say goodbye to that bad smoky smell and let your tresses smell great all day.


#3 Sweaty Underarms

We all sweat when working hard at office and what gives it away is our underarms. Here’s a quick fix for that. Grab wet wipes and run into the loo. Run the wipe on your underarms to get rid of sweat and the funky smell. This will make you feel fresh instantly.


#4 Greasy Face

No matter how flawless we look in the morning by mid-day we lose the glow and the face starts to look a bit greasy. To tackle this problem, always toss a packet of oil blotting sheets in your hand bag and use it atleast once a day to keep your makeup intact and oil production in check.


#5 Cheek Glow

Time for a big meeting but forgot your blush at home? No problem.

It is important that you look fresh and put together all day and a hint of hue on the cheeks will solve that purpose for you. But incase you’ve forgotten to bring your blush for a touch-up, grab your favorite lipstick and blot a few dots on the apples of your cheeks and blend using your ring finger and there you go. Anything from the red family will be a great choice for your cheeks.



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