Lingerie-Clad Amber Rose Puts It All Over This Former Child Star From The ’90s…

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Amber Rose, Marcus Pollack

Who was Amber Rose caught getting hot and steamy with? None other than Marcus Paulk of Moesha fame.

Amber Rose, Marcus Pollack

The images are from Amber Rose’s new movie Sister Code, which comes out May 8th. Amber plays Lexi, and while wearing an all-white lace lingerie ensemble that accentuates her famous curves, she put it all on Moesha’s little brother.

Amber Rose, Marcus PollackSister Code is a funny and touching story of three foster sisters with drastically different personalities living together in Los Angeles. Amber Rose plays Lexi, the free-spirited artist; Eva Marcille is Sheila, the corporate killer with a soft side, and Drew Sidora works her magic as Lavae, the glue that keeps the family together.

Amber Rose, Marcus Pollack

In other news, TMZ reports that Amber Rose is dating rapper MGK. The two were spotted getting rather close to each other in an airport baggage claim; they even said MGK grabbed a bit of Amber’s cake

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