The idea of using lipstick to cover dark circles and blemishes may sound a bit insane but it’s worth a try. It is a fact that red cancels out purple/blue undertone so using red lipstick to conceal dark circles is ideal for medium to darker skin tones. On the other hand ladies with lighter skin tone can use orange based red lip color.

Now you must be wondering why anyone would use a lipstick to cover dark circles when there are concealers made for that purpose. The idea is not ONLY to cover dark circles but to make sure that they are covered all day. Traditional concealers work great but they wear off after a few hours making dark circles appear back during the day. Which is why we think this trick using red lipstick is perfect for working women who stay out all day and have really bad dark circles. So no need to buy expensive concealers from the market when you have your own tool to target those dark circles.

Things you’ll need:

Red/Orange Lipstick
Regular concealer
Makeup Brush
Step 1

Start with a clean and moisturized face. Now use your fingertips or a makeup brush to apply a tiny amount of red lipstick on your dark circles. Make sure to cover all the dark areas around your eyes.


Step 2

You can also apply it on blemishes, other dark spots or all around the eyes.


Step 3

Now, take your regular concealer and using a brush apply it all over where you applied red lipstick. No need to blend right away, simply cover the red lipstick with concealer as of now.


Step 4:

You’ll notice most of the red lipstick plus your dark circles vanish by now, so now just go on with your regular makeup which means you need to follow up with a good coverage foundation to blend everything away.


Step 5

The final step is to set everything with a setting powder and you are done.

This technique may not work on certain skin type but as per feedback and reviews this has worked pretty well on most women and at of the day, result is what matters. Good luck ladies!



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