No matter what we think of the Kardashian-Jenner sisters, one thought that we all have in mind when we see them is how they are able to achieve that flawless makeup. Well, you can all stop wondering now because Kardashians’ favorite makeup artist Rob Scheppy has revealed a few amazing contouring and highlighting tricks that every makeup lover out there would appreciate.

#1 Thinning Face

On days when your face feels a bit heavy and fat, Rob advises to brush contour shade directly under the tip of the chin moving in toward the neck then the jawline. Blend the contour shade until you start seeing a more sharper facial structure.


#2 Lighting

Choosing the right lighting when applying makeup is really crucial and Rob suggests that lighting for makeup should be chosen depending on the occasion you are getting ready for. If you are getting ready for an outdoor event, use natural light or if you are going to be in for an event, apply your makeup indoor, in your room with a good lighting option.


#3 Slimmer Nose

Contouring can enhance and even change the shape of your nose. On making the nose appear slimmer Rob advises to shade right under the tip of the nose and along both sides too, moving the brush toward the brow and the eye socket. Blend all the hard lines with a blending brush.


#4 The Correct Formula

Rob insists on choosing a contour formula carefully depending on the skin type. Normally, cream formula works on most skin types however, if the skin texture is excessively oily then a powder formula will work best apply on top of setting powder.


#5 Identify Your Skin Type

Highlighting and contouring is all about creating contrast which is why it is done differently depending on the skin tone. If your skin tone is light, you son’t need any highlighter but you do need to contour to create the contrasting effect. Whereas, highlighter does wonders on dark skin and makes the face look more radiant and lifted.


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