Cotton swab can be used as so much more than what we generally use it for. Here are 10 surprising and amazing ways cotton swab can be used in your beauty routine.

#1 Concealer Touch-Up

When leaving home for an important event or have a big meeting at work, here’s what you do. Dip a cotton swab in your liquid or cream concealer and toss it in a clean Ziploc bag. When you are heading for your meeting or wish to touch-up your under eye area, take the cotton swab and brush it all across your under eye and brush any remnant on your brow bone. Be sure to blend using your fingers.


#2 Perfume Touch-Up

To smell fresh throughout the day and not having to load your purse with a heavy perfume bottle, spray a couple cotton swabs with perfume and store them in a clean sandwich bag and rub it on your wrist, behind your ear and neck throughout the day.

#3 Outline Lips

Dip a cotton swab in translucent or setting powder and outline your lips with it to ensure your lipstick doesn’t bleed outside the natural lip line.

#4 Eyeliner Correction

When your eyeliner isn’t quite what you want it to look like or maybe looks a bit uneven, use a damp cotton swab and place it over the spot that needs correction. Swiftly rotate the cotton swab to adjust the look.


#5 Gentle Eye Cream Application

Eye cream applied using a cotton swab avoids stretching and pulling on the skin and as a result prevents premature wrinkles.

#6 Smudge It Up

Use a clean cotton swab to smudge and lighten your eyeliner for a smokey look.

#7 Shape Those Brows

If you are confused about what brush to use in order to shape and fill your brows, worry not. Cotton swab makes a perfect brow brush. It will help fill brows evenly. If you think your brows have become too dark, use the other end to blend further.


#8 Nail Art

Use it to create quick and easy nail art.

#9 Neat Manicure

Not very good at painting nails? No problem. Dip a cotton swab in nail polish remover and clean the areas around the nails.

#10 Contour Your Cheeks

If you are not very good at contouring, take a little help from a single cotton swab. Place it below your cheek bone in the hollow of your cheek basically. Now use it as a guide and brush bronzer or a dark concealer right below the cotton swab. Blend with your fingers or a blending brush.



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