McDonald’s Sweden Launched A Big Mac Clothing And Lifestyle Collection



It seems like burger joints all over the globe suddenly want a taste (heh) of the fashion world. McDonald’s Sweden launched the Big Mac Shop, a clothing and lifestyle collection dedicated to–you guessed it–the Big Mac. Since the Swedes are design geniuses (hello, Ikea), their pieces are unsurprisingly very awesome. Check ’em out below.

522088_940645435946124_1552943536561476776_n-1427415807 11030860_940645399279461_5171807959928118032_n-1427415809 11066822_940645369279464_4715234886346748651_n-1427415812 11071671_940645395946128_3227955613462729993_n-1427415811 11081171_940645352612799_2869233168388631590_n-1427415815


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