Adonis King: The Popstar Rapper

Adonis King Blue Rain Everything Adonis King touches turns if not gold then at least into something much more interesting. We know he has been working on new music after several spotting in the studio. And now we have a possible release date and tentative title for Adonis’s upcoming album. Get all the deets inside… In 2013, King attracted wide attention when his first mix tape sold more than 10,000 copies. As an artist, he continued to grow.

HolyWaterFashion: What inspires you?

Adonis King: My story and my fans’ stories, how they tell me that my music lifts them up when they feel down or they have gloomy days. Also as a victim of being bullied, I hope my music can be a positive platform to speak out and support others affected by this widespread problem, showing them that there is hope and that it will get better. I used to get picked on a lot when I was young. I was so uncomfortable telling people that I have a learning disability, because I thought I would be made fun of, now I don’t care what people have to say about me, I’m free as a bird.

Adonis King Fame Photo 1 Adonis didn’t land on his personal connection of pop and hip-hop overnight. Entering the WPGC WMS Talent Show in Woodbridge, Adonis won, which earned him some needed cash and the notoriety to begin playing bigger shows for an ever-increasing local audience. Recording continuously, Adonis hooked up with producer Johnny Juliano (who worked with such artists as Wiz Khalifa, BigSean, and Gucci) and the two recorded a single at listen vision studio in Washington DC. The song sparked major interest from Hot97, iTunes, and MTV. “Working with Johnny Juliano has given me the freedom to be myself and to make the music exactly the way I want to make it,” he declares. After 3 years he plans to releases his 2015 album in titled “Deluxe” with his new record label Harris Media Management. This project is set to be release on the artist birthday June 23 this year.

Adonis King Devil Pray11062694_832253660144850_1438245098990258513_o11080855_832253646811518_4248554663070851852_o


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